Plan your Ecommerce

Easy to usePlanning an ecommerce website is like building a house – architecture and budget need to be agreed before the decoration. Once the specification has been agreed the solution need to be evaluated and costed against specifications:

– Project management

– Hardware

– Web design and software

All aspects of the project need to be managed. Decide who is going to do it and properly plan the requirements, activities, outcomes, milestones and timings.


Your choices here are a managed service or your own server. The security and disaster recovery aspect that is achieved by hosting with a major provider is very important. Only go with your own server if you have the experience and facilities.

Site design

Develop site templates and test them with real people. They have to be easy to use and navigate. Don’t let “design” drive the site; let ease of use and sales drive the “design”. Think how the customer thinks.



statisticsThis is arguably the most important part of the package. If you do not know how visitors to your website and in the shop are behaving, what turns them on and what turns them off, how are you going to improve sales and site profitability.


Shopping Cart

Some factors to consider:

– Does it have its own or does it easily integrate with your exiting stock control systems?

– Does it integrate easily with accounting systems?