Is Your Shopping Cart User-Friendly

Setting up an online shop is the first step. Marketing the products you sell, while it requires a bit of online skills, can be done. But your job is not finished once you have accomplished these two. You cannot just wait for traffic and hope that they become potential customers. You need the right tool that converts traffic into sales. You need a friendly shopping cart. Getting a shopping cart is one thing; maximizing its benefits is another.

smooth journeyWhile many choose to go online to purchase merchandise, it doesn’t mean that you can get complacent thinking ‘if they happen to stumble upon my website, they will buy anyway’. This is a wrong way of looking at your traffic. You have to please your customers and please them well. You need to know what they want – not necessarily the things they need to have; the right tools to guide them through the entire online purchasing process. And with tougher competition now, you need to raise the bar and stand out from among the rest.

Thus, your online store not only should look good, but also have efficient shopping cart system. Here’s how to maximize your website and shopping cart and convert traffic into buyers:


Use large headings and sub-headings to let your customers know where they are; and breadcrumb navigation to help your customers know how deep they are on your website.

Use search functions to let customers find what they are looking for fast and easy, especially if you are holding a large inventory or have a multi-page site. Place the search function above the fold where customers can see it.

Give the power to your customers to narrow down their search options by using search category refinement. Customers should be able to refine according to size, shape, color etc. Make sure that they can clear this refinement anytime. Utilize sort option that allows your customer see your product by category.

simplifyLet your customers remove or change items from their cart easily. Help them find product that are related to the items they have chosen. Cross sell!

Place your contact information where customers can easily see it.


Never allow your customers to go on a lengthy process of shopping, only to find out that the products they have chosen are out of stock. Show only the products that are in stock or place a “out of stock” mark on those that are not in your inventory. Most shopping carts have this feature.

Cart abandonment rates are high simply because many shopping cart services do not allow shopping before registration. What you should do is to let your customers to add items in their cart before they register for an account. Some vendors have this feature.

Show them every detail of the product they wish to buy including the price, discounts (if any), applicable taxes and added fees. Do not hide any information that the customers should know.

The key to any online store is usability. Many online shoppers get irritated even with the tiniest hitch on your site. This is the main reason why many abandon their cart even in the last step of purchasing you product. Keep your customers fully satisfied by making everything easy. Use your e-commerce shopping cart properly. Extra efforts may require time but the pay offs are worth all the trouble.